February Birth Flower: The Violet

Birthstones are pretty common and everyone has heard about it but have you heard about birth flowers? Well, there are birth flowers for every month and therefore whichever month your birthday is in, that flower is your birth flower. In that particular month, you will see the particular seasonal blossom everywhere- gardens, bouquets, front porches and at every other possible place.

Is your birthday in February? Or maybe somebody you know whose birthday is in February? While the roses tend to dominate over all other possible flower options in the month of February as the official flower of the special day of love, that is, Valentine’s Day, do you know the delicate flower Violet is the birth flower for the month of February?

It is a beautiful sweet-scented flower that blooms during this time and is extremely easy to maintain as it’s very adaptable. Whether you add this flower in a bouquet, or even put it in a vase and keep it in a corner of the room, it looks lovely. 

What does it Symbolise? 

The Violet mainly symbolises loyalty and truth but it also stands for humility and modesty. 

Variety of Violet

While the purple color Violets are most popular, this flower is also available in white, yellow and blue and there are over 500 species of this particular flower plant. Like roses, different colors of Violets stand for different emotions or sentiments like the purple ones are gifted to somebody when you want to tell them that no matter what you will always be true to them and the white one signifies “taking a chance.” 

Some Facts about this Gorgeous Flower:

  • There are over 500 different species of this flowering plant.
  • The species of this flower span dozens of different counties all over the world.
  • Violets have existed for centuries. 
  • Violets have been traced back to Ancient Greece, if not earlier. 
  • Violets are extremely adaptable. 
  • Violet is the state flower of both Illinois and Wisconsin. 
  • Violets are believed to have a beautiful smell that goes away just after one sniff. 
  • Violets are not just beautiful to look at or smell but they are also edible and have nutritional values. 

What are Violets Mainly Used For?

  • Even though Violets are believed to have a fragrance that goes away after just one sniff, the smell is widely liked by people from all over the world and therefore this makes Violet one of the most common flowers used to make perfumes. It’s popular all over the world as a flower used in the perfume industry.
  • The Violet flower has is commonly used in savory dishes. Its petals are commonly coated with sugar and are used on various cakes and pastries as sweet garnishes. 
  • The petals and stems of the Violet flower contain high amounts of vitamin C which are an antioxidant that can not only improve the immune system of living beings but also the overall health. It is believed that Violet contains more Vitamin C than any vegetable available in the market. 

Violet as a Gift

If you have loved ones like friends or family members who celebrate a birthday in the month of February, send them a beautiful Violet plant or a lovely arrangement made of Violet flowers this year. You can send flowers to delhi or any other Indian city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, etc. by ordering online on Bloomsvilla.

Since Violet is a flowering plant, this gift will last for quite a long time and not just in your loved one’s heart but also in their home. Isn’t that just great? 

Order a beautiful Violet bouquet for your near and dear ones who are born in the month of February or whose favorite color is purple and send flowers to India from anywhere around the world, and that too any Indian city you want to by just ordering on Bloomsvilla. You can even send flowers to your loved ones on a random day, just like that, to make them feel special.

Fresh lovely flowers will be delivered to the recipient to make their day special and will also bring a genuine big smile on their beautiful face- that’s exactly what you want, right? If you have some more gifts ideas you can submit a guest post on star show.

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