Top 5 Benefits of Using Organic Skin Care Products


Organic skin care products have been taking the health and beauty product industry by storm. Many people desire this alternative over conventionally manufactured products. There is a very real reason as to why this is happening. It has been uncovered that these products are chock full of chemicals and toxins that can damage your skin, pollute the environment, and affect marine life. While they damage your skin, this damage can be long-lasting, and there are even concerns about how these chemicals may be affecting your body from the inside and not just the outside.

This is precisely why people are switching over to organic products that are made of natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals that can cause a lot of damage. We suggest the usage of products from Lotus Organics+, so you’re using products that are safer and healthier.

  • No Side-Effects

Parabens are often used in these products to preserve and extend shelf life, so they can be sold for quite some time after manufacturing. However, they mimic the natural hormones of your body and are synthetic. There are concerns that this can alter the bodily function of the endocrinal system. Afterfical ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and silicones may be able to give you one advantage, but they would have numerous side-effects, some of which are still being uncovered. Organic products use preservatives that are perfectly natural, like the seed extract of grapefruit, that will not be affecting your body. Some people do have allergies to natural ingredients, like lanolin from wool, which can be an allergen for some people, but at least the effects are understood and can be prevented by buying an alternative organic product.

  • Gentle

Organic products are far better than the conventionally produced counterparts as they do not have irritants or unnecessary filler. Often, these chemical products could work for you for some time, but after a while, you will begin to feel the damage it is causing to your skin. This is why organic products are a good alternative. They may take time to begin working, but they will work and give you wonderful effects without harming or being harsh to your skin.

  • Safe for Your Nose

Traditional products for health and beauty use a lot of artificial fragrances so that the smell of the harsh chemicals is covered up. What happens is that a chemical is being used to cover up all the other chemicals, and this hotpot of chemical smells can give people headaches. Organic products would smell like their natural ingredients, and even if an ingredient was added to make it smell better, the ingredient would be natural, like something like cinnamon or sandalwood. Organic products for health and beauty that have essential oils that are naturally made can even be used for aromatherapy.

  • Avoid Irritation

Many beauty products are filled with fillers, artificial colors, and chemicals that can cause breakouts, irritation, and redness to your skin. You may even develop rashes, and it can aggravate existing skin conditions and even cause allergies to develop. Organic products for make-up, skincare, and body care are the best and safest alternatives that help your skin and don’t damage or ruin it.

  • Environment Conscious

Practicing conscious consumerism is of the utmost importance in this day and age, especially with the problems we’re facing now. This means that if you use conventionally produced products, the ingredients can have an adverse effect on the environment. The chemicals and toxins that go into those products can go into the drain and down into the waterbodies. When organic products are used, they are made with natural ingredients that will not harm the environment. They are a sustainable choice.


We hope that this article has convinced you to ditch the conventionally manufactured skincare products and choose organic products instead. The natural ingredients found in organic products are suitable for your skin in every way possible and do not hurt the environment in any manner. They have multiple uses, and even the preservatives used are natural and will not cause harm. Lotus Organics+ is a good company that has a wide range of organic products that you can choose from.


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