Dr. Akhilendra Singh – One of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR.

AKS Clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Gurgaon, was established a decade back in 2010 and has served 5000+ patients across the globe. AKS Clinic is prominently known for hair restoration. The clinic has wholeheartedly dedicated itself to serve people who have been struggling with skin and hair-related issues. Out of the various Hair Transplant Centres in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, AKS Clinic has gained a big name. 

To deal with the patients, the Doctor must have in-depth knowledge of the problems and solutions thereof. Apart from that, Staff members should be qualified and cooperative, medical techniques should be up-to-date and follow-ups with patients should be regular. These are some of the USPs which make any clinic reputed and famous.

Dr. Akhilendra Singh – Best Hair Transplant Doctor 

Dr. Akhilendra Singh is the renowned director of AKS Clinic, one of the leading hair transplant centers in Gurgaon Delhi/NCR. He is highly educated. He has completed his MD in Venereology, Dermatology, and Leprology from a leading centre of the country – PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research). He is also one of the prominent faces in many national and international conferences. 

Previously post running his clinic, he had worked as a Senior Resident of University College of Medical Science & Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital situated in New Delhi. He has a strong hand in hair transplantation with both FUT and FUE /DHT methods. One of the primary skills is his distinction of doing some of the mega sessions with the FUT and FUE methods. He primarily specializes in body hair transplantation. 

Since FUE was introduced in India, Dr. Akhilendra Singh has been into FUE with a 100% success rate. With his skill-set, he also made an up-gradation to achieve something challenging – HD FUE. He is also involved in teaching and giving his skill-set out to various post-graduate students in India and abroad. 

Safe Hair Transplant Process During COVID-19 Pandemic:

COVID-19 virus has hit us unexpectedly. In such uncertain times, we do feel uncertain about going through the hair transplantation process. It is very normal to feel scared to visit a doctor in such times, but when it comes to the hair transplantation process, one can blindly trust and rely on AKS Clinic experts. 

If you have lately become a victim of losing hair and are not sure about the reasons after evaluating as well, you must visit an expert at the earliest. There are multiple reasons why hair loss happens, such as genes, medical issues, hormonal imbalances, stress, etc.

In Delhi/NCR and Gurgaon, AKC Clinic has made huge goodwill for itself. We can proudly claim that we have helped tons of people get over their hair and skin-related issues over the years. We make sure to provide non-invasive hair transplant treatments performed by experts.

Dr. Akhilendra Singh, since the inception, has made sure that his doctors are fully trained, and get complete control over the angle, depth, direction, placement, etc., which all guarantees 100% of results. 

AKS Clinic – A One-Stop Solution for all Hair Issues:

When we talk about one of the rapidly growing hair transplant brands in the country, AKS Clinic has surely made its mark. There are plenty of celebrities that have gone through the hair transplantation process at the clinic. Some of the prominent names include Sanjay Swaraj, Kishore Bhanushali, Rajendra Gupta, Sunil Pal, etc. All these celebrities were happy with the Hair Transplantation results they got. They also shared the testimonials in the form of the video. Such appreciation admires the person to work aggressively. AKS Clinic offers reliable and proven hair treatment techniques in Gurgaon based clinic. After this pandemic situation, Dr. Akhilendra Singh facilitated the patients to consult online.

Apart from the hair Transplantation services, AKS Clinic offers other services too. Hair treatment services are PRP, dandruff removal, and hair fall treatments. If we talk about the cosmetic treatments, Dr. Khusboo Singh offers cosmetic procedures such as Lash Lift & tint, scalp micropigmentation, semi-permanent make-up, eyebrow lamination & tint.

People having a dream of a better personality and healthy hair should consult Hair Transplant surgeons. It is a need for today!

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