How to Get Rid of Rabbits in Your Yard

While they look cute, rabbits can be a bit of a menace, and downright destructive if allowed to breed like… well, rabbits. Every farmer can share tales of sorrow after encountering these well-known fluffy masters of destruction.

There are several ways in which you can get rid of the rabbits in your yard. The best method (and most enjoyable if you’re that way inclined) is by shooting them. All you need is a reliable air rifle — make sure to check the best rabbit hunting air rifles at Air Gun Maniac. You won’t need anything bigger than an airgun — that’ll just cause a mess. An airgun will dispose of them cleanly, efficiently, and a good deal more humanely. 

You may sometimes be tempted to leave them to roam your yard because of their cute nature, but fair warning — they’ll multiply, as will your losses.  

Here is a list of things you need to know before you embark on the, ahem, “war” against rabbit infestation.

  1. Rabbits are meticulously clean animals. Don’t let this fool you though.
  2. A single female rabbit can produce close to 70 children and grandchildren. How? The average litter of a rabbit is 4 – 12 kits within a gestation period of 30 days. Then count 4 to 5 litters every year!
  3. The rabbit’s teeth never stop growing!
  4. 10 bunnies consume the same amount of food as a ewe. Now imagine that.

They are herbivorous and they feed on green leaves and grass and mostly vegetables. If you let 10 bunnies in your yard, you will hardly find any green leaves left. 

Here are five of the most effective tricks that will keep the rabbits out of your yard.

1. Fence the yard

Given their razor-sharp teeth, bunnies will gnaw all kinds of vegetables from cabbages, broccoli, strawberries, and kale. One way to keep them away is by fencing your yard. Go for the mesh that has the tiniest holes to ensure they do not go through into your garden.

Especially effective are those with under 1-centimeter mesh. Anything larger and the rabbit might squeeze its way through – you’d be surprised by how small a gap a rabbit can get through.

Do not forget their burrowing ability. You might need to dig and bury the fence some inches deep.

They will keep digging until they are certain there is no way through. Also, ensure that the fence is strong and taut to avoid sagging – which may be a potential sign to the rabbits that they can find a loophole. How to get rid of rabbits in your yard

Drive the stake deep enough to make the fence strong. Eliminate all the gaps by fastening the mesh to the stakes using staples or hooks, and ensure the fence is tall enough. 

You might need to keep some extra wire in case they find some way into your yard. Keep checking your fence for weakness and reinforce it when necessary.

2. Use repellants

Rabbits have a strong sense of smell that helps them find delicious food. The repellants alter the taste and smell of the food and the rabbits won’t go near the vegetables.

This is a simple and quick way of getting rid of the rabbits in your yard. Inquire from your nearest garden center and you can get one that works best.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to avoid any mishaps. Also, check the side effects to be certain they do not harm you if you consume the food later on. Repellents make the garden less appealing to the bunnies and drive them away from your garden. 

Once you settle on one, consider using it for the long run, otherwise, when rain washes it away, the rabbits will be back faster than you expected.

3. Maintain your yard

Rabbits only live in a place where they can take cover from predators. Bushes and tall grass encourage the bunnies to come and dine with you in your yard.

Starve the rabbits by ensuring your yard is free of all clippings that the rabbits can nosh on. How to get rid of rabbits in your yard

You can also introduce plants that rabbits do not like feeding on. Such plants include Argerutum, Marigold, Spider Flower, and Mexican Sunflower. These naturally get rid of the rabbits from your yard and garden easily.

As part of your maintenance routine, scout for holes or burrows. Render them homeless by filling the burrows with dirt and gravel.

4. Trap the bunnies

It pays to list this, though you are going to have a rough time going this road because rabbits are the best at avoiding traps. If there is more than one rabbit, trapping may not be a possible solution. 

Maintaining your yard alone might not be enough to deter them from getting to your veggies. Incorporate the use of traps if you really have to. 

Once trapped, you can choose to get the bunnies live and slaughter them for a sumptuous meal if you fancy! Opt for reusable rabbit traps to make your work easier.

5. Shoot the rabbits

This is one sure method that will get rid of the rabbit as fast as you see them. With a good hunting air rifle, you can drop the rabbit with one clean shot.

This is a quick method to finish up the herd just as fast. You get to decide what to do with the rabbit once you kill it – eat it or feed it to the dogs.

Check Air Gun Maniac for detailed reviews on the best rabbit hunting air rifles.

How to get rid of rabbits in your yard

To Conclude

Rabbits generate numerous losses to farmers every other planting season. Don’t let the rabbits become a nuisance when you can do something about it. Fence your yard, repel the bunnies, trap them, shoot them and look after your garden well enough to keep them off. Go for the method that works best for you. But all things held constant, shooting them wins the day! Are you of a similar opinion? Share your thoughts.

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