The App Development Trends That Dominate the Efforts of Android App Development Company

The year 2020 has a lot in store for businesses looking forward to developing apps in the future. However, those businesses must note the approaches and the tendencies of Android app development in 2020.

The first step that a business must consider is hiring a reliable android app development company, as the developers make consistent efforts to streamline and reduce the app design process, yet they still manage to create apps with new designs. Just as new apps with avant-garde techniques emerge every year, the year 2020 might also witness the emergence of revolutionary apps in 2020.

Here are a few trends in android application development you cannot miss.

Instant apps

The application of Android that is ready to run without the hassle of installation or installed in the background is one of the trends to dominate this year. With Instant Apps, you can overcome the hassle of installation, and they uninstall automatically once your work is over.

Moreover, it also helps save space on your mobile device or the other devices that run on the internet. Businesses can benefit from Instant Apps as they can launch any activity or utilize a part of the app on mobile devices. Furthermore, many of the native apps can also be availed through the Instant apps of Android. Finally, the apps are easy to find, and the market and users can quickly convert old apps to new apps.

Cloud-based Android apps

The world of cloud computation is gradually integrating with Android development, which implies that the module of cloud computation can automate in Android applications. Most app users prefer that the apps should not occupy unnecessary space on their mobile phones unnecessarily.

With cloud-based Android apps, businesses can pay according to the usage of the app and benefit from spending less. Furthermore, they should require less space, get secured solutions, and recover data faster. Therefore, a company can hire Android developer to create cloud-based apps for their business.

Navigation with Android apps 

Navigation includes the communication modes around the parts and pieces of the content within the app. With Android Jetpack, users can avail navigation, which allows developers to implement navigation for simple and complex navigation mechanism.

The other benefit of navigation is streamlining the user experience and making it consistent through its principles. Besides this, navigation also allows developers to use fragment transactions, handle the Back and Up actions through default, and use the deep linking facility.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning 

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning facilitate the learning capacity and the potential to improve from experience without any directives. AI and ML are approaches or trends that are useful for apps that function based on amorphous data and resolve those issues that include parameters.

Fortunately, Android supports the tools and methodologies of AI and ML, so the Android development services can focus on these tools to ease the task of app development. During the development of ML application for Android, the developers can use inference algorithms, design products, and arrange various ML models, train them again, and create new options.

Using Kotlin Coroutines

The developers can start using Kotlin Coroutines if they are yet to begin, and useful for making asynchronous tasks. Coroutines are not only mere tools, but they include some of the best features, such as Flows, Continuations, and Channels.

Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is another new option that assists in creating views in Android. Not only is it useful for creating UI, but it is written in Kotlin. Unfortunately, it is on the Developer Preview for now.

IoT apps

People today are inclined to make their mobile devices perform the necessary activities, coordinate with each other to make the machine run, function, and stop through the internet connection. The IoT is naturally one of the options to rely on to get, collect, and transfer information. With the help of Android-based IoT apps, developers can make them cost-effective, get guaranteed support on hardware, enhance productivity, and use the app to run on any device that runs on an internet connection.


In 2020, several business owners can try to amalgamate the services and content of their apps with Google Assistant. One of the advantages of using this facility is that it can expedite how users can access the app directly in the Assistant.

On the constantly evolving mobile scene, several features of Android OS are becoming smarter and better. Several future trends of Android can come to the forefront this year and start functioning fully in the next few years.

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