Get an Inside View of Singapore Virtual Phone Numbers

Everything today seems to have digitized. The Internet today has the solution to every problem. Cloud computing has further streamlined the manner in which organizations work. Organizations are no longer confined to their region but can extend and expand across borders. Probably, this is one of the reasons why companies worldwide are advancing towards the adoption of a virtual phone system.

A virtual phone number  is a business-specific phone number that can be used to be customers worldwide to connect with a brand. It is this number that facilitates remote interaction among employees and also between customers and agents. In a way, virtual telephony adds mobility to a business. No matter where is the customer located, he/she can still connect with the business

With the advent of toll-free numbers, business communication has further improved. Customers can now place a call without having the need to pay. Toll-free numbers give them the ease to place free calls because here, the company is charged for the same. Imagine that a customer is looking for a web development company and the one that appeals to them the most, is based out of Singapore, probably your company. 

Now to connect with your business, the customer would need to place a call. So, how can they do this? Will they purchase a SIM to make the call? Or simply buy a plan that gives them enough talk time to connect with your business.

Let me tell you, they won’t do either of these. The fact that the cost associated with these communication choices is high, the customer would prefer finding a cheaper one. This is for one customer, you might lose many with the same issue.

How to fix this?

A Singapore Virtual Phone Number is all you need.

What is this?

A Singapore virtual phone number is similar to your business’s traditional number – the area code will be +852 for Hong Kong, +66 for Thailand, and so on. However, this has additional benefits when it comes to connecting with businesses. For one, the cost linked with these numbers is less and could possibly be zero for your callers, if it’s a toll-free number. 

Apart from this, such numbers come with features of call forwarding, call barring, call recording, IVR facility, and few others. Also, a virtual phone number helps an organization reach out to a wider audience accounting for business growth. 

How To Set Up a Virtual Phone System in Singapore?

For the uninitiated, a virtual phone system can be a hosted solution and is apparently based on the cloud. Meaning that organizations need not buy additional hardware or software to host the system. They can extend their existing telephone lines to use it as their business phone number. 

Another possible solution could be purchasing a cloud-hosted phone system. Here, the hardware is installed in a third party location, probably the service provider. And all of the installation, setup and maintenance work is done by the provider itself. All you need to do is lookup for a reliable service provider and buy the most appropriate plan.

How Does This Work?

As mentioned above, a business virtual number allows them to outreach to a wider audience and attract more and more customers. Whether a small-sized organization or a big fat enterprise, the virtual number is for all and aids success for each.

An efficient PBX is put in place to route all of the incoming calls to the virtual number. Consider that you have a hosted VoIP solution. What happens here is that the caller dials the number and it is first transferred to the automated answering facility. Based on the responses fed by the customer, the call is then sent to the right agent who would pick the call and help the customer fix the issue.

The call can be placed irrespective of the location of the buyer. And it doesn’t cost the customer as most of these are toll-free numbers. Meaning that the company is billed for every call placed. It is proven that a virtual phone number helps organizations increase the overall efficiency and the quality of customer service rendered. Agents are active throughout the day offering personalized services so your business will never miss a call.

In fact, Singapore DID numbers can be connected with the mobile device itself. This promotes remote connectivity adding more to your business value.


Wondering whether you should invest in a virtual number for your business? This question is probably irrelevant as, given the pace at which competition is rising, it is imperative for an organization to stay at the forefront of innovation and a business phone system is the first place to start with.

What’s best here is to look out for a service provider, choose a plan and start communicating with your business’s virtual phone system today. 

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