What is TAN Number & its Application Form? Online & Offline Mode

What is TAN Number? 

Under the Income Tax Act of India, individuals who are eligible for a tax collection and deduction on payments are provided with a 10 digit TAN number. This number can be issued to an individual, a company, firm, and government department, who need to deduct or collect tax at source (TDS or TCS). Financial institutions do not accept challans for TDS or TCS without TAN, making it an essential element.

Tax deduction and the collection account number is the tan number full form. Even though liable individuals, businesses and firms need to have TAN, there are some exemptions to this mandate. 

Below mentioned are the exemptions where you don’t need to procure TAN –

  1. Tax deducted at source in the purchase of immovable property (under section 194-IA.)
  2. Tax deduction by a tenant for home, building, or land (under section 94-1B.)

Since it contains complete details of the TDS and TCS, businesses need to obtain TAN. Learn everything you need to know about TAN.

How to apply?

One can apply for TAN through either online or offline mode.

For offline mode

  • Visit TIN facilitation centre.
  • Fill up and submit 49B tan application form which is available in ITD website or facilitation centre.
  • Fill form no. INC-32, if the applicant is a company with no registration under the companies act, 2013.

For online mode

  • Visit the official TIN NSDL website.
  • Fill in the required form details and check the details on the acknowledgement screen.
  • Upon successful submission of the online form, you need to send documents respective to proof of identity, address etc. to NSDL-TAN application.

It is imperative for individuals and businesses that pay salary/commission to others to possess a TAN number. However, for instances when one forgets their TAN, you can refer to ‘know your tax’ provision initiated by the IT department. In this provision, you can find your TAN online just by filling in the required details.


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