All You Need To Know About Convertible Refrigerators in India

Technology has brought about a change in everything around us and refrigerators are no exception. Today, the trendiest refrigerator models come with a whole range of the latest features, improved technology, innovative design, and great aesthetics. 

Rising demands have propelled refrigerator manufacturers to come up with path-breaking innovations like convertible refrigerators to improve the utility of this indispensable appliance.

The idea behind the convertible fridge is that you can easily convert the freezer compartment of these refrigerators into regular storage space, whenever you need it.

What is a Convertible Refrigerator?

A convertible refrigerator offers you the functionality for extra space when your refrigerator runs out of storage space. Depending on your needs, the freezer transforms into a fridge and back into the freezer, allowing you to store as much food as possible. 

How does a Convertible Refrigerator Work?

A convertible refrigerator features two separate fans and evaporators, both for the fridge and the freezer compartments. This enables the convertible fridge to control the temperature for both compartments independently. And, with just the push of a button, you can turn the freezer into a fridge, whenever you want.

Best Convertible Refrigerators in India

  • Samsung 275L Double Door Refrigerator: Featuring an inverter compressor, this double-door refrigerator is one of the best-in-class appliances in the market. While the LED display gives a very distinctive look to the fridge, functions like power cool, power freeze, and a door alarm make it a true value-for-money appliance.
  • LG 335L Double Door Refrigerator: This convertible refrigerator from LG also comes with an inverter compressor that makes the appliance energy-efficient. LG Refrigerator also has additional features like Auto Smart Connect and Smart Diagnosis.
  • Haier 256L Double Door Refrigerator: This Haier refrigerator gives you plenty of space to keep a variety of food and veggies fresh for lengthy amounts of time. Offering a stabilizer-free operation, it also comes with a digital inverter compressor, 1-hour icing technology, and a digital display.

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